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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ye Sali Zindgi (Movie) Review

If you are a commercial movie fan and follower of OSO, Dabang or alike movies, Ye Sali Zindgi might not impress you. However, if you want to experience raw acting skills and fresh conceptualization, movie has plentiful in store. The movie is great blend of romance and thriller with great direction and story line with some memorable dialogues that you can actually relate to. Song like “Ye Sali Zindgi” has already liked heavily by people and helped to the cause of the movie. You will surely enjoy the movie and don’t forget to switch off your phones to avoid disturbances.

Watch out: Great performances from each cast, Dialogues, Outstanding Story.

Things might disappoint you: Nothing spicy and Item song that you might be addicted to after Munni Badnam and Sheela ki Jawani.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

127Hours (Movie) Review

127 Hours will awake that adventures side of you that is hidden beneath busy work schedule. Shooting in natural location under extreme condition makes this movie a must watch if you love adventures. Movie begins slightly slowly but as and when adventure begins its hard to take eyes of the screen. A Must watch for sure!!

Watch Out: Cinematography, Excellent direction, James franco as an actor, brilliant editing and captivating music (A.R.Rehman).

Things Might Disappoint You: Slow beginning, uneven story flow and nothing extra ordinary performances.

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Dil To Baccha He Review

Dil To Baccha He Ji is another evidence of how brilliant Madhur Bhandarkar is. Madhur is known for his intense and close to reality. DTBH is no exception. It is also very much based on reality but unlike previous movies, there is no intense drama but it is surely an emotional roller coaster ride with great fun. It’s a 2.23 Minutes movie but unlike other comedy movies don’t keep your Brains at home as it’s a logical movie. It’s fun. It’s real and it’s Lovable.

Watch Out: Omi’s Character, Shraddha Das performance, Madhur’s Direction, Cute Love Songs.

Things might disappoint you: Not too many funny dialogues, Movie losses grips in middle.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Listen Justin Beiber's Pray

Justin Beiber the “Baby” has grown up with his success and is flaunting his mature site via his lyrics of his New Song “Pray”. Lyrics are very soulful and remind humanity (which is very essential in present age). The fact that song is sung by JB has raised the stake and youth is able to relate with it.

So here you go.. check out this wonderful soulful song yourself Here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries) Review

Dhobi Ghat is 90 minute non-stop sheer fun. However, if you are expecting repetition of charisma of previous Amri Khan movies, you are most likely to come out disappointed. Nothing to take away from movie. Dhobi Ghat breath of fresh air with great acting skills and conceptualization with appreciable blend of cinematography. Kiran Khan’s direction is commendable and credit for brilliant performances of actors somewhat goes to great command of this Mrs. Perfectionist.

Watch Outs: Partik Babber, Conceptualization, Smooth Flow of story.

Thing might disappoint you: Less of Amir Khan, No stands out performance, Unable to matchup Hype created using Mumbai Diaries theme.

Movie Timing: http://www.asklaila.com/movie/Mumbai/Dhobi-Ghat-Mumbai-Memories/4353/

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